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New construction technologies and solutions

❖ Cold storage

It’s been several years since Ecohouse started building different kinds of cold storages (plus fridges, minus fridges, shock fridges, cold storages). Our modern technologies and qualified specialists guarantee high quality. Ecohouse offers help in choosing right kind of sandwich panels, isothermal doors, type of floor and fridge aggregators.



❖ Industrial buildings

Building industrial units is very popular in Georgia. Most of them is built with new technologies (sandwich panels). Sandwich panels are energy efficient building materials, they stabilize the temperature in the building. It’s also faster and cheaper to build with sandwich panels. Ecohouse has a long history in building industrial units with sandwich panels. Some of them includes milk processing factory, wine factory of “Shumi”, bay factory of Kutaisi etc. Ecohouse can offer you building industrial buildings, offering help with the very beginning of concept to the building the unit and purchasing and installing machinery.



❖ Farms

The number of farms has been increased in last two years in Georgia. Even though there are several types of farms, our team has already learnt how to create specific conditions for any kind of farms: the height of construction, type of floors, also creating specific temperature (stable, unchanged), placement of stands and cages.




❖ Storages

“ecohouse” offers you planning, building and equipping (with machines and shelves) industrial units. We also offer fixing sandwich panels on already prepared iron construction. The benefits of building storage units with sandwich panels are fast building and cheaper price (comparing to the traditional building technologies). It’s also more energy efficient material, that helps create and maintain desired temperature in the building.


❖ Mining farms

Nowadays, mining crypto money are very popular in the whole world, especially in Georgia. Our company “ecohouse” has succeeded in building several data centers for this purpose. We offer you planning and building data centers, from the beginning to the very end, including installing the miners.