Sandwich Panels

Sandwich panels are a modern, innovative building material that is quite popular in the world (including Georgian) market. We can confidently say that in industrial construction sandwich panels have replaced traditional building materials. Its main distinguishing feature is the high coefficient of thermal insulation and simplicity of construction. Any type of construction assembled with a sandwich panel Is easy to disassemble and reuse used sandwich panels. As for the price, the price of sandwich panels depends on its technical data and standards.

The company Ecohouse offers 3 types of polyurethane sandwich panels: Roof sandwich panels, wall sandwich panels and refrigerated sandwich panels. 5 or 3-pitched sandwich panels are the best material for roofing various types of commercial, trading and public buildings. The wall panel can be assembled according to your taste and needs. The use of these panels defines a new type of plain, simple and consistent architecture. Refrigerator sandwich panel is widely used for construction of refrigeration and freezer compartments. The high coefficient of thermal insulation of the sandwich panel allows us to build a refrigerator and freezer storage of any temperature regime.