Industrial Buildings


The company “EcoHouse” has been actively building various types of refrigerated storage rooms for several years (plus refrigerators, minus refrigerators, shock refrigerators, refrigeration facilities). Modern technologies and qualified specialists, give a high coefficient of quality. The company “EcoHouse” offers a selection of sandwich panel thickness, isothermal doors, floor type and refrigeration units according to the project and purpose.


Factories are being built in Georgia. Most of them are completed with new construction technologies (sandwich panels). Sandwich panel is an energy efficient building material, it helps maintain a stable temperature in the factory. It also reduces construction deadlines and additional costs. The company “EcoHouse” has built a number of Factories. Among them are Svaneti milk processing factory, Shumi winery, Kutaisi laurel factory and others. The company “EcoHouse” offers the construction of factories, including a detailed project from the concept, the construction of the facility and the purchase and installation of machinery.


The number of modern farms in Georgia has increased significantly in the last two years. Despite the different types of farms, our team explored the conditions for all types of farms: the height of the structure, the type of floor, as well as the temperature (stable, unchanged) for them, the arrangement of stalls and cages. The company “EcoHouse” offers the construction of an animal and poultry farm, from design to installation of stalls and cages.


The company “EcoHouse” offers design, construction and complete equipment (equipment, shelving) of warehouse buildings. We also offer packaging of existing metal construction with sandwich panels. The advantage of building a warehouse (hangar type) building with sandwich panels is speed, speed and low price (compared to traditional construction technologies). It is also an energy efficient building material that helps maintain the desired temperature in the building without extra costs.

Mining farms

Today, electronic money mining is widespread in the world, including Georgia. The company “EcoHouse” has successfully built several data centers in Georgia. We offer data center design and construction, from concept – including installation of racks, aggregates and miners, the construction and engineering concept of which was developed by our engineer-architects.